1/32/NGW 28th Regt. North Gloucesters Waterloo Diorama

28th Regt. North Gloucesters

This diorama depicts the 28th regiment of Foot, The North Gloucesters, during the Waterloo campaign of 1815. The regiment was engaged at Quatre Bras and at Waterloo where on both occasions they were attacked by French cavalry compelling them to form square.

The uniform of the 28th was unique in that it retained its distinctive stovepipe shako with back badge and carried French calfskin packs captured during the Egyptian campaign of 1801.

The set comprises 30 x 1/32nd scale resin kits;

Mounted Colonel

Mounted Officer Royal Horse Artillery

Downed cuirassier trumpeter.

Ensign Kings colour

Ensign Regimental colour

Officer Flank company


2 x Sergeants

Dead soldier

20 other ranks

A base & musket slings are not included but spare parts are which can be used for battleground debris.